Discover the Costa Blanca South!

From Alicante to Cartagena, enjoy a beautiful coastline with many multicultural cities, good infrastructure, a mild climate and healthy open air … In short, one can live like a god on the Costa Blanca South!

On land, at sea and in the air

The south of the Costa Blanca is very easy to reach via the airports of San Javier and Alicante. Especially this last airport has a wide range of international flights.

San Javier is considerably smaller, but this also has many advantages.

In addition, the A7 motorway has an excellent infrastructure and connects the most important coastal cities all the way from the French border to Malaga in the south of Spain.The train or high-speed train is also a great option as well as providing a pleasant way of traveling.

Finally, large passenger boats dock daily in the port of Alicante. But we cannot forget the hundreds of smaller yachts and motor boats. These put into all local marinas during their trip along the Mediterranean Sea.

Gentle winters, sultry summers

The Costa Blanca South enjoys a Mediterranean climate which contrasts with the general weather throughout Spain. There is very little precipitation throughout the year and the sun can be enjoyed every month.

In the area of ​​temperature, there are also very few extremes to mention. Frost hardly ever occurs and extreme heat with temperatures of 40 degrees or higher is also very rare.

The mild dry winters and the pleasant summers are caused by a Mediterranean climate in which the Mediterranean Sea has a heating effect on the region in the winter. This effect is protected by the presence of mountains and hills that retain the heat of the sea and stop the chilly air of the interior entering the region.

Because of the many hours of sunshine and the mild temperatures, it is an ideal destination to live in. Whether you want to just spend the winter or enjoy living here all year round, it is a decision that you won’t regret!

The Costa Blanca South is significantly drier than the higher situated Costa Blanca North. This is reflected in the drier landscape which contrasts with the many green mountain slopes in the north.


The southern section of the Costa Blanca is relatively flat. As a result, there are more possibilities in terms of available building plots. Every city, village or municipality has a centre has a dense structure, but the surrounding area is more sparsely populated.

Due to the larger supply of land, there is a larger supply of housing and this results in a lower price level in comparison with the north.

Keep in mind that despite the fact that the average sales price is lower, there is still a difference between the various locations.

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Towns and municipalities


Alicante is a beautiful, vibrant city located in the heart of the Costa Blanca. Nestled between the mountains and the sea, this city has an inviting atmosphere. The rich culture, the city centre, the many shops and restaurants in harmony with a good infrastructure make it a top destination! (Read more)


Elche town is located 11km from the Mediterranean Sea and is known for its shoe industry. With 3 cultural heritage sites, tourism is also a booming business! (Read more)

Guardamar del Segura

Long sandy beaches and lush nature (dunes/parks) characterise Guardamar. But this seaside resort is best known for its forest area, the “Pinada”. These assets combined with a lively city centre and golden sandy beaches make it the ideal destination! (Read more)


Originally a fishing village, which developed into a lively city with a dynamic atmosphere. Torrevieja includes many different residential areas, each with local cafes, restaurants and shops. There is something for everyone in Torrevieja! (Read more)


Quesada has a very compact centre with several restaurants, shops and bars. The village has various residential zones with a wide diversity of nationalities. The story of the origin of Quesada is particularly unique! (Read more)

Rojales – Benijofar

Narrow streets, village squares and a cosy atmosphere? Yes, Rojales and Benijofar have it all! In these villages you can still experience the real Spain. Nevertheless, there is good investment in infrastructure and these villages offer a wide range of shops and restaurants. (Read more)

Orihuela Costa

Orihuela Costa is part of the city of Orihuela. It is an umbrella designation for various coastal municipalities and urbanisations. Each region is unique, and offers numerous restaurants, shops, bars, and activities. There are also several marinas and it features beautiful sandy beaches. (Read more)

San Miguel de Salinas

San Miguel de Salinas is a cosy municipality with a charming village centre. It is located between Torrevieja and Pilar de Horarada. In addition, it is located at the highest point of the region, which means different zones here offer beautiful views. (Read more)