Discover San Miguel de Salinas

San Miguel de Salinas is situated about 7 miles from the coastline of Orihuela Costa. This charming municipality has quite a few residents, which means that it is a lively town all year round. It has a typically Spanish character and is definitely worth exploring!

The town of San Miguel de Salinas

San Miguel de Salinas is located in the south of the Province of Alicante, between the cities Torrevieja and Murcia. The town is situated on a hill (75m above sea level), which means there are many places that offer panoramic views over the salt lakes of La Mata and Torrevieja.

Like many destinations at the Costa Blanca, it is also home to many Western and Northern Europeans. This means that the population has tripled in the past 20 years.

However, unlike many other cities and municipalities, San Miguel de Salinas still has a very traditional Spanish atmosphere.

San Miguel de salinas fanfare

Mediterranean landscape

The town does not have its own beaches, because the town is situated inland. But the popular sandy beaches of Orihuela Costa are only a few minutes’ drive away.

The fact that this town is located inland does, however, have its own charms. On the northern side of the town, there is a view over the salt lakes. From the south side, you have extensive views across lemon and orange groves.

When these trees are blossoming, they exude a wonderfully sweet smell.

Lake of Pedrera

To the west, you will find the “La Pedrera” water reservoir, with the mountains of the “Sierra Escalona” and “La Pena” in the background.

The center of town features several bars, restaurants, a supermarket and a number of Spanish shops. During the summer months, you often see elderly locals sitting in chairs along the streets having a chat with their neighbour or friend. What could be nicer?

San Miguel de Salinas Market

This local market in San Miguel opens every Wednesday, and it counts about 165 market stalls. In these stalls, you can buy many different products, like fresh fruits with prices that are cheaper than the local supermarkets and general household items, like decorative and household stuff.

San Miguel de Salinas Market

What is there to see

Characteristic for San Miguel de Salinas is the cave-houses (Las Cuevas), where there is even a delicious restaurant located. However, the most remarkable construction is the local Church.

San Miguel de Salinas restaurants

San Miguel de Salinas caves

This dates from the beginning of the 18th century and has as one of the only buildings survived the black earthquake of 1829. It is fully renovated inside of the cave. Furthermore, it is possible to climb the whistleblower tower.

From here you have a phenomenal view over the entire region. However, ask permission from the priest in advance.

San Miguel de Salinas Castle

Moreover, they can also build a party here in this town. Annually, there are multiple events, for example, the music festival “Fiesta de Santa Cecilia” in November.

San Miguel de Salinas weather

The best time to travel to San Miguel de Salinas in Spain is from the month of May, up to and until October. In that period you will have a pleasant temperature, and hardly any precipitation.

San Miguel de Salinas Weather

The highest average temperature is 29ºC in August, and with the lowest temperature of 15º in February.

It has a Semi-arid climate. It is warm throughout the entire year and trees do not grow here due to the drought.

Mainly, sand with grass and sometimes bushes. Our average climate data per month is based on the data from the past 30 years.

San Miguel de Salinas weather precipitation

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San Miguel de Salinas golf

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