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Long walks on golden sandy beaches, enjoying the sunset with loved ones from the dunes or enjoying a nice picnic with the family in the woods? Guardamar del Segura has all the above to offer and much more!

La Pinada | Guardamar del Segura

“La Pinada” of Guardamar is a forest area of ​​no less than 800 hectares. It stretches out across the former hiking dikes, which were reinforced by planting different types of plants and trees. Especially pine trees, palm trees, cypress, and eucalyptus trees.

La pinada guardamar

The planting took 30 years and was initiated to protect the seaside resort against the ever-advancing dunes. The Pinada has been in its current form since 1930. The result proved successful and is also a wonderful example of how people and nature can work together towards a better future.

Today the Pinada is divided into 2 parks, one of which is called “Alfonso XII” and the other “Reina Sofia”. The parks stretch between the city center and the beaches of Babilonia and Los Viveros.

Guardamar del segura park

Sun, sea, and beach

Not only is it wonderful to walk in the forest area of ​​La Pinada, but it is also a joy to spend time on one of the many beaches. There are three beaches that have been awarded a blue flag, namely: Playa Centro, Playa de la Roqueta en Playa del Moncayo.

Guardamar beach
Playa del Moncayo

There is also the 1.2 km beach Playa Camp, Playa Babilonia, Playa Vivers and the sandy beach Playa de Les Ortigues adjacent to Torrevieja.

Beach costa blanca
Playa de Les Ortigues

Playa Tossals is located on the border with Elche, it is very remote and serves as a nudist beach.

Guardamar del segura beach
Playa Tossals

Guardamar center

Although Guardamar del Segura offers an abundance of nature, it also has a very vibrant town center. It counts many residents and has quality catering businesses. That means you can enjoy superb dinners in one of the many restaurants.

The center has character and the shopping street runs parallel to the beach.

The surrounding area in Guardamar del Segura

Guardamar del segura costa blanca

This tourist resort has a very central location on the Costa Blanca South. The river “Rio Segura” flows through Guardamar to the sea from the inland via Benijofar.

One well-known urbanisation is “El Raso”. This quiet urbanisation is located some 2 km from the beach. It benefits from a small commercial center that will certainly expand in the future. In recent years, several building promoters have started to commercialise projects here.

Guardamar del segura center

La Marina is located north of Guardamar del Segura. This coastal town is known for its long stretches of sandy beaches that sparkle in the Spanish sun. It is therefore certainly advisable to visit La Marina. Do not expect a lively center here, as nature is the central focus.

Guardamar del segura la marina

Real estate | Guardamar del Segura

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