Rojales and Benijofar, village life full of Spanish character

Rojales and Benijofrar, both municipalities are located in the province of Alicante. More precisely, in the Vega Baja del Segura, next to the Segura river.

Although the municipalities are situated close to the major tourist attractions, they have their own character. You will find a real Spanish atmosphere in Rojales – Benijofar!

The history

Both Rojales and Benijofar have a rich history that originates from the Bronze Age. Back then, they were just small villages that had settled around the river Segura.

At the time of Moorish rule, the small villages became fortified settlements. This was also the start of the expansion of these towns, which owe their growth mainly to this occupation. The name Benijofar is a wonderful example of this. This name is derived from Arabic and means “son of the pearl”.

During the Middle Ages, the region experienced economic prosperity. There was an expansion of the irrigation network and a water wheel, locks, and irrigation canals, monuments, etc. were built. All of this carries a clear Roman influence.

The river Segura (Rio Segura) was of great importance to Rojales – Benijofar. During the 18th – 19th century there was a large increase in the number of farms. Even today, most markets are still supplied with crops grown in these municipalities.

Although the river brought prosperity to the region, Rojales – Benijofar also suffered many setbacks. Several floods and a heavy earthquake hit these towns.

But the inhabitants did not let this get them down; they built dikes to keep the river under control and created 2 beautiful municipalities that formed the cradle of the current Rojales – Benijofar.


Things to do | Rojales – Benijofar

Although these are 2 relatively small towns, Rojales – Benijofar offers a rich culture. For example, during the year there are several pleasant events, such as the “Fiestas Patronales” in Benijofar (25/07) or “La Semana Santa de Rojales”.

Church of Benijofar

Of course, you can also visit monuments and beautiful buildings here. In Rojales, you will find the Church of the Apostle Peter. (Iglesia de San Pedro Apóstel).

Built in the first half of the 18th century, but completely destroyed by the heavy earthquake in 1829. The facade still exhibits characteristics of the eclectic style and is certainly worth a visit.

Actually, it is also very nice to just go for a stroll. You will find that there is a significant difference between Rojales – Benijofar and for example  Guardamar or Torrevieja.

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Rojales market

On Thursdays, the Rojales market is located near the town hall in the city center. Parking at the Malecón del Soto (if there is still space) and the market itself is at Calle Albéniz.

Rojales Market

On Sunday there is; el Zoco, from the Ciudad Quesada you have to stop at San Miguel de Salinas (CV-940). It looks a little bit like the market in Guardamar.

It is very international, with a lot of offers (even luxury German sandwiches) and various restaurants between the stalls where you can have breakfast and lunch. There are large parking spaces, so you can easily get rid of the car. This market is definitely worth a visit.