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Ciudad Quesada – From dream to reality

In 1972, a man called Justo Quesada purchased thousands of hectares of land near Rojales.

Justo Quesada

His dream was to build a holiday village – a decision not without risk.

But Justo Quesada’s entrepreneurial talent quickly yielded its first fruits.

The decision was taken in 1989 to construct a golf course called ‘Club de golf Quesada’. It was a hit! It is estimated that more or less 80% of all golfers in the region played their first ball here.
In 1994, the name was changed to ‘La Marquesa Golf & Country Club’ in honour of Justo Quesada’s wife.

Quesada things to do

More than 15,000 residences were built and the project was baptised ‘Ciudad Quesada’. Today there are more than 30,000 properties and more are still being built.

In the end, the impossible was made possible and, in 1999, The town received permission to build a town hall. This made this popular destination the first housing project to be given the status of a town.

Although Quesada‘s founder died in 2010, his 4 children continue to advance the future of their father’s dream.

Different zones, each with their own character

Quesada has different zones. Each zone has its own features and characteristics. As can be inferred from the above, La Marquesa Golf is one of those zones.

The ‘Dona Pepa’ and ‘Lo Marabu’ zones are very popular with property developers at this time. Different fabulous new build projects can be found here and these neighbourhoods are relatively young.

Rojales doña pepa townhouse

Each zone has shops and restaurants, but the broadest range is still to be found in the center.

And then there is ‘La Atalaya’, ‘La Fiesta’, ‘Lo Pepín’, ‘Loma de los Japoneses’, ‘Pueblo Bravo’ and ‘Pueblo Lucero’.

Something for everyone

Something for everyone is an understatement in Quesada! Would you like to relax by the pool or would you rather exercise your golfing prowess or dine in one of the many restaurants? A night out bowling or midget golf? These are only a few examples of what to expect.

Beach | Quesada

Since this pleasant town is located 6 km inland, we recommend going to the beach by car. The connections to the Guardamar beach or Torrevieja beach are very quick.


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