Las Colinas Golf , a world apart

What the very first idea that crosses your mind to the mentioning of Spain? Are you already imagining the Mediterranean Sea, its fabulous beaches, favorable weather, or the unparalleled golf courses? What if, there’s a way to combine all of these recognizable and respectable Spanish “trademarks”? Well, there’s a way. Prepare yourself to experience the unique golfing paradise lost.With its privileged location, Las Colinas Golf & Country Club covers an area of 330 hectares. It has a 200,000 sq. metres nature preserve, including scenic trails and ample green zones with indigenous vegetation. Lying along a valley filled with citrus trees and surrounded by hills, the only access is through a spectacular canyon-style entrance, a feature which preserves its tranquillity and immense natural beauty. Las Colinas Golf & Country Club enjoys an exceptional climate. It is extremely well connected and boasts comprehensive sports facilities and services, as well a private Beach Club on the seafront at La Glea beach in Campoamor.

Why is Las Colinas Golf the irresistible world apart?

You may treat this golfing resort, Las Colinas Golf as a newbie because it was opened in 2010. However, you can rest assured that its remarkable reputation is well deserved. In addition, it has been gaining more attention and respect ever since. Without any exaggeration, we’re talking about one of the top 100 European most prestigious golf courses. In 2014, this stunning location was officially awarded and recognized as the Golf Resort. So, how do you feel about an opportunity of owning a luxury villa close to the winner of the International Hotel and Property Award in 2014 – Las Colinas Golf?

It seems that this fabulous location just can’t get enough of rewards. Las Colinas Golf and Country Club was also the winner in the category of Leading Spanish Villa Resorts. We shouldn’t forget to mention the flattering World Golf Award, which awarded all the efforts with the Spanish Best Golf Course category. As such, luxury property Las Colinas Golf couldn’t possibly pass unnoticed by the World Travel Award committee in 2016. The luxury and prestige of Las Colinas were awarded in not one, but actually two categories as the European and at the same time as the Spanish Leading Villa Resort. This unparalleled location has obviously proven itself on both national (Spain) and European level. What is next? Well, we have every reason to believe that an international recognition on a global level is only a matter of time.

An endless list of Recognitions and Awards

Luxury Las Colinas Golf Course is constantly looking for new and prestigious awards in order to prove its flawless reputation. Here are some of the most prestigious and well-known ones:

  • According to the UK’s Golf World magazine, Las Colinas Golf was recognized as one of the top twenty destinations in 2010. Again in 2015, this magazine confirmed this location’s prestigious position by including it among the top 100 most important golf course destination in Europe.
  • One of the EU most important tour operators Your-Golf-Travel enlisted this location on a list of the top 100 courses in Europe in 2011.
  • Top Ten Spanish Mediterranean courses. The prestigious Spanish newspaper ABC mentioned Las Colinas Golf as one of the top 10 Mediterranean Courses in Spain in 2012.
  • According to the Troon Golf in 2013, this was the best facility in the entire EMEA Region.
  • The judges of the International Hotel and Property Award had no doubts when they awarded Las Colinas as the very best golf resort in 2014.
  • According to the World Travel Awards in 2015, this location was the unmatchable Villa Resort among all Spanish Leading Villa Resorts.
  • Finally, the World of Golf Awards couldn’t resist Las Colinas Golf’ charm and the award for the Spanish Best Golf Course was earned in 2015.

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