Las Fuentes del Algar (The Algar waterfalls)

Do you love walking through nature? Or are you looking for somewhere to cool down, without going to the beach or the pool? Then the Algar waterfalls are definitely to be recommended!

What is it

Halfway between Benidorm and Altea lies the picturesque village of Callossa d’en Sarrià. At this location, you can enjoy untouched nature and fresh, pure water to cool down.

The Algar river flows right through the Mediterranean landscape. In itself this may not be anything special, but exactly in Callossa d’en Sarrià it has created a miraculous situation. The rocks are arranged in a stair-like formation, allowing the water to cascade down in different stages.

This creates beautiful, perpendicular natural waterfalls, with large lakes at the bottom. This place was named “Las Fuentes del Algar” (the Algar waterfalls.

Because of its untouched appearance, this area has been declared a nature reserve.

What can you do there?

The fresh water is wonderful for swimming and offers the much sought-after cooling in the summer. This is known to many tourists but also to many Spaniards, so it can get quite crowded here during the holiday season.

We do advise you to bring special shoes, because you often have to cross slippery, rocky ground.

Are you not much of a water rat? Don’t worry, even just walking along the Algar waterfalls is worth it: enjoying nature, the sound of the splashing water, the relaxation among the fellow visitors, …. this is just fantastic!

For hikers, we also recommend putting on suitable shoes. This is a mountainous area, so you have to climb many stairs and inclines.

Would you rather relax? Enjoy a delicious picnic in nature or taste the Spanish cuisine in one of the restaurants next to the entrance.




Las Fuentes del Algar (the Algar waterfalls) are easy to reach. You just need to drive towards Callosa d’en Sarrià and then the route to the waterfalls is signposted.

The road there does go along narrow, winding lanes. You can park at one of the many car parks just in front of the entrance. The parking prices and cost of access to the waterfalls are very reasonable.

We wish you a lot of (swimming) fun!