Villajoyosa Spain

This originally small village has experienced a huge growth in popularity in recent years.

When you visit this beach resort, you will soon see why. Colourful façades, narrow streets, a clear blue sea, a golden sandy beach: Villajoyosa!

Villajoyosa | History

This small village has a long history. It is also the capital of the Marina Baja region. Vilajoyosa used to be called ‘Alonis’. In the Middle Ages, the village fell into the hands of King Jaime I.

The new ruler was Christian and the name was therefore changed to ‘La Vila Jolosa’ (Valencian for the joyful town).

Colourful Villajoyosa

During the 17th century, the village was a strategic base for the defence of the coastline against pirates. Under the rule of King Felipe II, new town walls and watchtowers were built. At the end of the 17th century, peace returned and the village could concentrate on growth.

Throughout the years, this beach resort had a seafaring tradition and was famous for its chocolate industry.

Chocolate factory

The ‘Valor’ chocolate factory has been producing various products since 1881. The passion for and the art of making chocolate gave this factory a good reputation. Years filled with passion and love for the product created a famous brand.

Villajoyosa chocolate factory

A part of the factory has been converted into a museum that can be visited for free! After the tour, you can continue enjoying your visit in the tea room with an abundance of delicacies.

Villajoyosa chocolate museum

Chocolates Perez is a small-scale family business with one common passion: chocolate.

Here, too, free tours are offered, often led by members of the family.

Places of interest

Walks along the many fisherman’s cottages on the beach are wonderful. These houses, with their façades painted in pastel colours, are symbolic of the beach resort.

Villajoyosa Beach

These colours are not merely decorative. They helped fishermen to orientate themselves. Now they contribute to the characteristic charm of Villajoyosa.

The old, picturesque centre of Villajoyosa is certainly worth a visit. Many walls and façades refer to the Renaissance with the exception of the Gothic parish church ‘l’Assumpcio’.

The Torre del Aguiló, Torre Simeón and Torre del Charco were simply strategic lookout towers (torre means tower in Spanish). They can still be viewed today.

Villajoyosa Beach

Villajoyosa is less touristy than nearby beach resorts. This means that the beach is usually rather quiet. The golden sandy beach is 3.5 kilometres long and, at some places, more than 90 metres wide!

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