Buying a second home in 4 steps

Stop daydreaming about having a second home at the Costa Blanca, and start making it a reality.

Buying a second home may seem like a big decision and could be somewhat intimidating, but it can be easier than you think. Here is some advice that may help you to acquire your own place in the sun in full peace of mind.

1. Match housing choices to your lifestyle

Are you a real house mouse or do you prefer to go out as much as possible? Are you a genuine socializer or do you need your privacy at all times? Questions like these are important to determine whether you want to find yourself in a bustling area where something is always going on or whether you want to be in a quiet remote spot.

These questions will also help you find a balance between interior and exterior space. Maybe you can settle for a small apartment where you only come to sleep and to grab a quick bite. Or you might need ample space to feel good and a large kitchen to indulge in southern cooking style.

Take into account, that at the sunny Costa Blanca, from Altea, over Torrevieja to Campoamor, people tend to live more outside and also be aware that you may need to compromise. If you absolutely want a large detached villa with a private swimming pool and frontline sea view, then this will come with a certain price tag and the locations where you might find such properties are limited.

Buying a house in costa blanca spain

You might go for an apartment with a frontline view and communal swimming pool, or a townhouse somewhat more inland with more indoor and outdoor space that might be more suitable for you. It all depends on where your priorities lie. Know that there is ample choice and that Z-Yachting / Golf-Estates has a wide offer to match most, if not all, of your wishes for buying the perfect house.

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2. Determine how you’ll use your vacation home

A majority of the people buying a house, want to enjoy their holiday home themselves, at most occasionally renting it out, all whether not only to relatives and close acquaintances. Others want to rent it out for months or even, considering their property purely as an investment, in the long term.

If in any way, you want to rent out, it is in your interest to look for a property that has the facilities and the location that can appeal to a wide public. E.g. even if you are not an avid golf-player yourself, a property in a golf-area will attract golf-players from all over Europe, if not the world, as they can even play here in the wintertime.

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Also, a property with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms will be easier to rent out then a property with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.
You will also want to make sure that you have some locked storage space where you can keep personal belongings while your house or apartment is rented by other people.

Equally important, is the amount of time you think you will spend in your holiday home. While buying a house, many buyers intend to come in the summertime and for one or two periods off high season. As they start to enjoy the great environment of the Costa Blanca, the superb microclimate and the low cost of living, people tend to come more often and spend longer periods in their holiday house or apartment. Some even spend the entire winter in Spain or move completely over. If it fits within your budget, it may be wise to anticipate this and not aim too low when selecting a property.

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3. Decide on a location | Buying your second home

As important as the choice of a type of holiday home, is the location. As for the type of holiday home, your lifestyle may be a determining factor. Do you have a busy, hectic life and do you want to get away from it all in a nice, quiet and sunny spot? Or do you need the hustle and bustle around you of a lively town or commercial center with lots of bars and restaurants?

Whatever your preference is, it is easy to get everywhere along the Costa Blanca from the airports of Alicante and Murcia that serve this part of Spain. In up to 3 quarters of an hour maximum, you can get everywhere, to the classy residential areas of Campoamor, Orihuela Costa, the lively town of Torrevieja, the gorgeous beaches of La Mata, the picturesque towns of and Altea and the many beaches and bays and the marvelous countryside along the entire Costa Blanca.

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To rent a car for a week will cost you less than a taxi from and to the airport, especially off-season. So why not go for this option and be mobile all along your stay under our southern sun?

A vacation home should be a refuge. Use your second home as a space to unplug, relax, and spend time with those you care for, in an area you love.

4. Make an offer using a local realtor

Once you have made up your mind about what kind of holiday home you want, how you are going to use it and where you want to stay, the most difficult part is done.

A good next step is finding a good local real estate agent. Look out for an experienced, well-reputed agent, with a local office and good knowledge of the area, the local real estate, and the market. A good agent does not try to sell you a house or apartment, he or she should try to find the holiday home that matches your requirements.

Once you have found the holiday home of your dreams and you come to an agreement about the price, the rest is up to the agent.

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Life is infinitely easier with support and guidance. Z-Yachting and Golf-Estates will handle all the paperwork and will take care of the entire buying procedure for you.

Even after you have gone to the notary to sign the deed and have turned the key in your front door lock to step into your new holiday home for the first time, you can rely on us for after-sales service. You can contact us or step into one of our offices anytime and we will be glad to help you out.

Come and tell us what holiday home you are dreaming of and we will help you find it!

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