15 Years Z-Yachting at the Costa Blanca

On Friday 2nd December we celebrated our 15th anniversary in the Z-Yachting & Golf-Estates real estate business at the Costa Blanca with a party to thank our customers.

Maisy Mae, a local singer, originally from England warmed up the atmosphere and our star from Belgium with the golden voice, Garry Hagger gave his audience a real treat with own songs and songs from his international repertoire. It is not exaggerated to say that he blew away our Spanish guests too with his show. Our DJ Marc Vanwelkenhuyzen topped off the musical entertainment with a well-selected set.

The refined tapas and desserts, prepared by Didier and his team from the Sunset Beach Restaurant seemed to be very much appreciated by all, as well as the drinks.

It was a great afternoon and evening and we were happy to be able to share this with so many of our customers and friends.

We gladly share some impressions with you:

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We wish to thank Maisy Mae, Garry Hagger, DJ Marc Vanwelkenhuyzen, Didier and his team from the Sunset Beach, the entire staff of Z-Yachting & Golf ESTATES and last but not least, all of our customers!

Caroline & Dirk