What does a real estate agent do all day?

Have you ever wondered just what real estate agents do all day? Real estate agents in Spain can deal with anything from tenants and property problems to selling affordable beachside apartments and modern homes.

No day is alike for a Spanish broker. One day they can negotiate a property contract via Skype with buyers in two different countries, and the next they could be marketing a new property that has just come on to the market to match buyers with their perfect home.

Typical tasks a Spanish broker can deal with daily, weekly and monthly include:

  • Working with clients in a flexible time schedule to secure great properties and prices for their sellers and buyers. It is definitely not a 9 to 5 job.
  • Listing new properties for the market. This can include organising marketing, photos and brochures to show the property off at its best, and organising internet and newspaper advertising to attract suitable buyers as well as writing the text for property listings.
  • Designing newsletters and promotions to keep clients informed of Costa Blanca’s moving property market.
  • Arranging and holding property showings at different times of the week including weekends. Sometimes a real estate agent’s job is never ending to get best results.
  • Answering enquiries from prospects generated through the website and through foreign portals
  • Lots and lots and lots of data entry to keep the records straight.
  • Coordinating maintenance requirements for property owners such as plumbers, builders and electricians.
  • Assisting in paperwork and managing documents for final closing of transactions.
  • Marketing online and social networking.
  • Organising changes of names for utilities such as power and water for new owners.
  • Giving property owners feedback about how sales prospects are responding to viewing of their properties.
  • Networking with colleagues and old clients to continue building relationships.
  • Giving assistance about legal advice.
  • Constantly analysing the property market to the benefit of their clients.
  • Agents working with buyers research and chase down properties to meet a buyer’s needs, organise and hold home inspections for buyers, and negotiate contracts.
  • Agents working with sellers work with them to secure listings, create and execute marketing plans to attract buyers, coordinate property repairs to ensure homes are shown at their best, attending inspections and negotiating contracts for the best price.

Every day brings new challenges and people, local and those from around the world into a real estate agency. All with different needs for a Spanish real estate agent to meet. Spanish real estate brokers are super busy people, driven by a passion to meet their client’s real estate needs.

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