Running a successful business in Spain?

It’s possible! Take, for instance, Caroline Trahé, a real estate agent at the Costa Blanca.

With her agency Z-Yachting, this Belgian entrepreneur has won the prestigious real estate award ‘Highly Commended Real Estate Agency of Spain’ for the second time in a row.

The winner of this award is annually chosen in  London amongst many European real estate professionals. ‘Everyday we keep on investing in the future’, says Mrs. Trahé.

It is even possible to grow during the recession. Z-Yachting has its main office in Torrevieja, and opened  a second establishment at the marina of Altea in March. In this office, selling yachts is also a fulltime activity.

‘Flexibility is a must’, 15 years ago Z-Yachting was born, the main purpose being to sell sail- and motorboats, but there was such a large demand for real estate that we decided to focus on this activity. As a result, several offices cover almost the entire Costa Blanca now.

We even thought about golfing customers. Subsidiary ‘Golf Estates’ is specialized in selling ‘golf properties’ and has a strategic location in the middle of 6 big golf courts.

In 2015-2016 Golf-Estates won also this real estate award for Spain too!