El Castillo de Denia (The castle of Denia)

The cultural highlight of Denia is without a doubt “El Castillo de Denia”. As the name suggests, this is a castle. But one with a history of no less than 2000 years. Worth visiting if you ask us!


Denia has a rich history, including traces of the Roman settlement (Diannium). But between the 8thand 13thcenturies, the region was ruled by the Moors. The fort dates from the 10thand 11thcentury and served as protection against the enemy.

During the 11thcentury, it was also the residence for the governor of the Madinat Daniya.

Over the years, a number of important fortifications have taken place in the castle. La Torre del Mig is probably best known and confirms the Arabic influences in the construction.

The Christian king, Jaime I, conquered Denia in 1244 and immediately gave other interpretations to the spaces of and around this fort.

Denia castle Spain

When pirate attacks were commonplace, it was decided to strengthen El Castillo de Denia.

Measures were taken that are still visible at the present time. On an economic level, however, things did not go as well and many residents of Denia left the region.

In 1707, “El Castillo” was inundated with a wave of French soldiers. By using powerful cannons, they managed to destroy various sections of the walls. The French had a hard time, but after months of fighting El Castillo de, Denia fell into their hands.

After conquering the castle, the reconstruction was a priority.

In 1703 this beautiful construction became Spanish again, and eventually, 100 years later, it was bought by the Spanish crown.

Denia castillo

Cafeteria del Castell

As the name suggests, there is also a cafeteria. A small, cosy dining and drinking place where you can enjoy breakfast or lunch or a lovely dinner in the evening.

Useful information

El Castillo de Denia looks out over the city and offers breathtaking panoramas. This does mean that you have to negotiate several narrow streets, with or without stairs, to visit the castle.

Denia Castle

If you prefer to take things a little easier, we recommend the little tourist train. This brings you up to the entrance. Good walking shoes are recommended because even the castle visit itself requires some effort.

The castle of Denia is open every day, but the opening hours vary depending on the season. Access to the castle costs 3 EUR.

Sultry summer nights

Various outdoor concerts are organized here during the summer months. The music and the panoramic view make these evenings to remember. The romantic souls among us can also enjoy the sunset.

The atmosphere is there in any case! What are you waiting for?

Castillo de denia