Rio Safari Elche

In the lovely animal park Rio Safari Elche, you can have a wonderful time. This well-kept zoo offers a wide range of birds, reptiles and mammals for an ideal day trip with the whole family!

The park

Rio Safari Elche will undoubtedly appeal to young and old. The zoo attaches significant importance to good accommodation for the animals. Various of the animal species are threatened with extinction and this park wants to inform its visitors about this.

Expect a well-kept park with a very wide range of animals. There are about 20 bird species, 12 reptiles and some 32 mammals. You can walk through the whole park on foot, but it is also nice to cross the park using the small train.

There are various locations where you can have a nice picnic and there is also a restaurant. During warm summers, visitors can use the large swimming pool to cool down in, without extra charge!

The reptile cave

Here, as the name suggests, reptiles and amphibians are at home. In this rocky hiding place you can visit various snakes, chameleons, bats, caimans, etc.

There is the impressive yellow anaconda, whose colour patterns will undoubtedly fascinate you or the boa constrictor, a giant strangler that mainly eats rodents, birds, and small reptiles.

The temple of the tigers

Fantastic Bengal tigers have been given their own temple in Rio Safari Elche. This impenetrable territory is surrounded by water, allowing you to admire these beautiful animals from a safe distance. Did you know that according to recent studies, the Bengal tiger is among the largest of its kind?

The temple also provides space for a group of lions and a couple of hyenas. The latter look pretty frightening…

The island of the chimpanzees

An open-air island of no less than 1000m² is home – and play area – to the chimpanzees. This immense surface also has an interior space, allowing the monkeys to choose where they want to hang out.

Relaxing in the trees or lounging in a hammock dreaming of a tasty banana, the life of a chimpanzee can sometimes be burdensome…


As the name suggests, this is where you can spot crocodiles. And not only crocodiles, but also the big North American alligator. By the way, the crocodile is one of the few reptiles that has a “voice”.

Don’t expect profound conversations, but rather frightening, undulating sounds. We definitely recommend that you visit Crocland during lunchtime!

The farm

Not all animals need to be wild and dangerous. Rio Safari Elche teaches you, in an educational way, the importance of animals in our lives, especially in relation to the farm. Here children get the opportunity to participate in a workshop. This is a fun and educational conclusion of your trip, which has already been attended by many schoolchildren.

Next to the farm you can also admire giraffes and zebras. These live together in harmony with some roes and deer.


You can learn more about parrots throughout the day. These intelligent, colourful birds have some unique skills. Also, it is always nice to have your picture taken with one of them!

In the afternoon, you can delve into the wonderful world of the sea lions and learn more about the differences between sea lions and seals.

You can also discover the wonderful world of birds of prey and enjoy an instructive explanation that includes, among others, some beautiful owls.


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