Micro climate Torrevieja

Relax, enjoying sun, sea, and fine dining along Costs Blanca’s 212 km of Mediterranean coast, known as a healthy place to live in the sun. What locals knew for years, the Word Health Organization (WHO) recently declared to the world. Costa Blanca’s constant low humidity and year round sunny climate, makes it a fabulously healthy place to live, especially for those with arthritis and other health problems poor weather negatively affects.

The Torrevieja region, in particular, has a unique microclimate created by the Crevillente mountains with temperature averages of between 18 to 28 degrees Celsius. This region has two of Europe’s largest salt lakes that add to the unique local climate. Water evaporates from lakes Salinas de San Miguel and Laguna de la Mata. These huge expanses of water leave behind ancient pink sea salt when the water evaporates for export around the world.

Torrevieja is Europe’s largest salt supplier extracting 700,000 tonnes of salt a year, to export it commercially around the world. The region’s air is infused with iodine from the naturally drying salt. And, for those traveling or moving to the region for health benefits, this can influence where they choose to live. This area is renowned for its specialist clinics offering specialist care in different medical areas.

Torrevieja’s health benefits

This area is highly recommended by health specialists to their patients for the healing properties of the salt mixed with the microclimate. People travel from all over the world seeking the region’s healing properties for medical conditions such as arthritis, heart problems, bronchial illnesses and skin problems.

Just like in Israel’s Dead Sea, you can lay on the water’s surface to soak without sinking because of the salt in the water. Rub yourself all over with white mud for its therapeutic healing properties. Leave the mud to dry and wash yourself clean in the waters of the salt lakes.

Life in Torrevieja

Torrevieja is 45 km south of Alicante. Its salt mountains, lakes with pink water tucked behind the waterfront town, leaves a lasting impression on all who visit. It is one of the fastest growing towns in the Costa Blanca area, but stays true to itself avoiding the tourist traps of other towns. There are no high rise skyscrapers dominating the skyline here. Perfect for family holidays, in a less commercial area than the resort areas north of Alicante. Torrevieja retains its traditional welcoming Spanish feel and offers something for everyone, all ages alike.

Torrevieja fiestas

This area is also famous for its fiestas and celebrations. Torrevieja’s biggest fiesta is the Habaneras festival, held here since 1955. It is a tribute to the sailors of the Alicante province who sailed the seas to trade with Cuba and returned home with the popular songs celebrated yearly. The Habaneras and Polyphone competition attracts competitors from around the world. They gather to sing these old songs on the shores of the old salt deposits to keep these beautiful Cuban songs alive for future generations.

torrevieja - los balcones

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