5 Tips to make your house or apartment more attractive to buyers

1: Clean up

Visitors should be able to imagine how they could stay and live in your house or apartment. That will be easier when their imagination is not hampered by what they get to see.

Tidy and orderly rooms make each house look a lot bigger. So do clear out the clutter inside and outside. This is important not only when candidate buyers are coming to visit, but also when you are having photographs taken of your property. Make sure you have a clean and sober setting. Home-staging experts that “pimp” a house, sometimes get rid of a third of its contents!

Tip 2: Invest in refurbishing

Small flaws can lead to big doubts about the quality of your house. One loose roof tile can make a buyer question the state of your entire roof. A broken lamp, a squeaking hinge, a malfunctioning doorhandle: they are all worth repairing them now. A few hundreds of Euros invested in refurbishing can make a difference of a few thousands of Euros on the sales price.

Tip 3: Keep it neutral

Avoid flashy decoration or striking colors. Numerous personal items like photographs and souvenirs, strewn all over a house, make it all the more difficult for buyers to see themselves in the rooms they are visiting. Even that one brightly colored accent-wall is worth painting over in a light neutral shade.

Tip 4: Let light in

Clean your windows or have them cleaned and open every shutter and curtain. Not only do buyers want to see the views they will have, but crystal clear windows allow the light to flow into your rooms abundantly. Who would not appreciate that? Moreover, uncleaned windows might give the impression your house is not well kept.

Tip 5: Arrange for nice aromas

Each house has its scent. Maybe you are not aware of it yourself anymore, but buyers will, even unconsciously, be guided by their nose.

Make sure your house is aired well and avoid awkward odors. Research has revealed that smells of cats and dogs can weigh on a sales price for as much as 15%!

Do not exaggerate by spraying each and every corner with strong house perfumes either.

What do people like to smell? The scent of fresh bread or cake or hot coffee create a welcoming and homely atmosphere. If you do this, it may be the most valuable bread, cake or coffee you have ever made.