Definition inspection trip: visiting a region at a very good price with the purpose of viewing and buying real estate.

Inspection trips, why we do not offer them

First of all, we believe that travelling to Spain to find your perfect holiday home should be fun and relaxing. Nothing is more annoying and unpleasant than doing the inspection trip, sitting in a car all day and getting bothered in a meeting room by a salesman who pushes you to buy this one apartment, house or specific project. Obviously his commission on those properties is the most in his interest.

This is the first reason why we don’t offer inspection trips: if you are going to buy your Spanish dream house, we think this should be exciting yet pleasant and that the entire experience should be enjoyable.

Inspection trips Spain

A second important reason why we don’t offer inspection trips, is that in contrast to Z-Yachting & Golf-Estates, most of the estate agents who do offer them are not established in Spain but in a different European country.

Some accompany their candidate buyers themselves, others are represented by collaborators, but almost all will try to sell you specific properties which are the most profitable for their commission.

In the end, you do want to be able to choose for yourself.

Since Z-Yachting & Golf-Estates is established in Spain, we are able to let you enjoy the benefit of our extensive and thorough knowledge of the region, the properties, the prices and the procedures, more than any foreign estate agent, even when they regularly visit Spain.

Properties in Spain

How does it work?

Of course, we try to make a selection in advance of regions and properties that correspond to the idea of how you see yourself living in Spain. We are also happy to show you all the amenities, such as shops, restaurants, leisure options, distances to the sea, the airports, etc.

If you would like to see things other than what was planned during your visit, then we will gladly respond to that.

But above all we would like to give you time to enjoy a few days of sunny Spain in peace and freedom, without the inspection trip accompanying you as a bodyguard during your entire stay.

And when you have seen something that you like, you undoubtedly want to calmly consider it with your companions.

In the meantime, we always remain available for all of your questions, but without any intrusiveness.

Does this appeal to you? Let us know what your wishes are and we will start working on preparing a useful, but an especially a pleasant visit of Spain for you, without any obligations.

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Inspection trips in Spain