Legal Advice

Legal advice when buying real estate in Spain. In the first instance, the buyer signs a private contract. This establishing the property being bought, the price, the form of payment, and the completion date. This document is signed by all parties without the intervention of a Notary. The parties are obliged to fulfill it, but it is not valid in relation to third parties.

When the time comes to complete the purchase, the Title Deed (Escritura) is signed before a Public Notary and must be recorded in the Land Registry, which provides legal security.

We work together with a professional and independent solicitors office.

Legal advice in Spain

They are highly specialized in property law, the firm also boasts ample experience in the areas of inheritance law and taxation for non-residents.

Their legal services and legal advice include:

  • Searches at the Land Registry to check that the property is freehold.
  • Verification of Town Hall licenses.
  • We obtain bank guarantees from the builder, corresponding to the stage payments.
  • Arrangement of the appointment and the necessary documentation to sign the title deed of your purchase in front of a Public Notary.
  • Personal assistance and translations for the client at the Notary’s office or representation by power of attorney.
  • Payment of all expenditures involved in the completion of the contract (i.e. Notary fees, taxes, registration fees, etc.)
  • On re-sales: searches in order to ensure that there are no outstanding debts corresponding to water, electricity, local rates, or community bills.
  • Arrangement of the contracts for water and electricity supply to the new property (if the builder does not provide this), and on re-sales, we ensure that the contracts are transferred into the name of the new owner.

Legal advice when buying real estate in Spain