Terra Natura Zoo offers attractions and wildlife from around the world

Terra Natura is an innovative zoo, where the visitor is immersed in the everyday life of the different animals. And there are a lot of critters. This animal park in Benidorm has no less than 1500 animals of 200 different species, so this is not just an ordinary zoo!

The park

Terra Natura Benidorm encompasses an area of ​​320,000 square meters.

Terra natura map

This immense surface is divided into 4 zones:

The Pangea:

Discover a wide selection of mysterious and particularly poisonous creatures from the Pangea. Learn how the animals produce poison and what effects this has. Here you can admire tarantulas, scorpions, lizards, snakes and frogs.

But beware, one drop of sweat from these animals can kill an elephant.

Terra natura elephants
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South America:

Untouched natural plains and tropical forests, that can only be South America. In Terra Natura you will find beautiful, colourful birds in their natural habitat. But, do not be fooled … this zone also houses some less friendly animals. Here you can meet the jaguar and other felines.

Terra natura zoo

Then there are also many other beautiful monkeys, lama’s, armadillos, flamingos, etc.

Terra natura park


A temple for tigers and leopards was erected in this zone. But there are also large grass plains for, among others, elephants and rhinoceros.

Terra natura Spain

Monkeys, snakes and extraordinary birds are also part of the picture here.


In Europe, there are also many beautiful animals that can be found in the wild. Just think of elegant roe deer and stags, grunting swine and friendly donkeys.


Children can enjoy a ride on the donkeys. These placid animals will guide you through the European section. Or how about a show with birds of prey? Be amazed by the intelligence of these birds and see their natural hunting instinct.