Terra Mitica, your prime Costa Blanca attraction park for young and old

Myths and legends of ancient Mediterranean civilisations become reality in Benidorm. Wonderful shows and attractions for young and old merge perfectly with the theme of the history of cultures around the Mediterranean. Discover the magic of Greece, Rome, Iberia, Las Islas and Egypt in Terra Mitica.


In the Greek section in Terra Mitica, you can enjoy “Triton’s fury” with the whole family! A wild water attraction on a swirling river with waterfalls that provide coolness on hot days.

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Experience the adventure of “Theseus” and defeat the terrible Minotaur. Armed with a laser gun you have to protect yourself from hidden creatures that lurk in the labyrinth. If you make it through this test, prepare yourself for an eye to eye encounter with the Minotaur.

In “Kineto’s temple” you can again stimulate all your senses with a 5D cinema.

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Those who dare can defy the “Synkope“, a discus that throws you 120° into the air at high speeds.

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You can twirl around in the attraction “Las Ícaros”. From this exciting carousel, you have a phenomenal view of the park.

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Do you have a need for speed and adrenaline? How about the “Titánide”, a rollercoaster where you can reach speeds of 100km/h with vertical and horizontal loops of 360°.

The little ones can enjoy themselves greatly on the “Alucinakis”, a train on a wooden construction that goes through short curves and slopes.

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Under the Rome theme in Terra Mitica park, there are 2 attractions in the spotlight for adrenaline junkies! The first is the flight of the “Fénix”, from where you make a 53-meter-high free fall. You fall down in 3 seconds and at 100km/hour. Can you handle that tension?

The other attraction is the “Inferno”. Here you rush over a roller coaster track at high speeds, while you are being twisted in all manner of curves. This challenge is best taken before lunch!

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There is also an attraction for the kids (“Ayquesustus”) that mimics a free fall. From 6 meters high, they can experience the tension and jitters in their stomach.

The “Rotundus” is a child-friendly vertical merry-go-round, suitable for the little ones.

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Finally, the whole family can enjoy themselves on the “Tornado”, a horizontal merry-go-round. Although this may not sound special, this carousel has a height of 80 meters!



In Egypt, everyone can enjoy themselves. The brave little ones can experience crazy water fun in the “Akuatiti”. A child-friendly watercourse, in which they can cool down on hot summer days.

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The “Synkopin” is the children’s version of the eponymous attraction from the Greek part. Without a doubt, this attraction conjures a smile on the faces of the children who dare to brave it.

You can cool down with the whole family in the attraction “The Nile”, a large water surface with jacuzzi and fountains.

Would you like to get on the water, but would you rather keep your clothes dry? Then you can enjoy the pedalos on the water in the attraction “Alejandria’s harbour”

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More action can be found on the attraction “Waterfalls of the Nile”. This watercourse is the big brother of the attraction “Akuatiti” with 2 steep descents. Water fun is guaranteed!



Iberia puts the focus on the little ones. Here you will find the “Anilus”, a child-friendly pirate boat. The “Tentaculus” is a quiet, beautiful carousel. With the “Jabato”, you can bump to your heart’s content! These bumper cars will require some energy. The slightly bigger ones can then go wild in the bumper cars of “Arietes”.

The classic teacups have to be included, of course, you will find these at the “Clepsidra”.

In the Iberia section, you can also enjoy water fun. The “Jacuzzis” is an outdoor spa with an abundance of bubbles and fountains.

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Las Islas

The whole family will enjoy themselves in the “Las Islas” section in Terra Mitica:

There are 3 attractions that you can enjoy with the whole family:

“Mithos”, a beautiful horse merry go round

“Rápidos de Argos”, experience tension on this river with strong currents

“El Rescate de Ulises”, dreaming away of a fairy-like decor, light spectacle, …

If you start to dream too much, you will be wide awake again in the “La cólera de Akiles”. This attraction is like a pirate boat, but with lateral movements.

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Spectacle in Terra Mitica

It is not just the attractions that make Terra Mitica so well-known! There are also many shows that guarantee wonderful spectacles! Every theme has its own style and storyline, but we highly recommend that you watch one or more shows.

There is certainly a wide choice, there are currently 12 shows on offer!

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Infrastructure | Terra Mitica

Terra Mitica is a beautiful amusement park. The decor is well-thought-out and shows a well maintained, considered finish.

The park also has about 10 souvenir shops and several restaurants. The park is accessible to everyone and guarantees some wonderful memories.

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