El Peñon de Ifach

A well-known landmark of Calpe is the 332-meter high rock El Peñon de Ifach, which dissects the coastline. In 1987, the rock was declared a nature reserve and today it contains a wealth of fauna and flora. Discover more here!

From rock to a nature reserve

El Peñon de Ifach is a limestone rock that has been naturally connected to the mainland over the years. This connection was caused by breaking rocks and erosion. 

El peñon de Ifach rock Calpe

This natural wonder contains a rich collection of rare plants that can only be found on this rock. In addition, it is a regular destination for many birds. At the foot of the rock, there is a lagoon that is especially popular with flamingos. There is also a marsh with an area of ​​no less than 45 hectares.

Sandy beaches of Calpe

Popular with tourists | El peñon de Ifach

Since its inception, the Peñon de Ifach has been claimed by nature. Long ago the Iberians and the Romans thought about including this location in the military strategy. But this turned out to be less than favourable. In the 15th century, walls were built around the village further inland, of which only the “Torreón de la Peça” has survived.

Peñon de Iflach village

Only in 1918 did the change occur. It was decided to drill a 50-meter tunnel through the rock to make the visit easier. Not much later, the Peñon de Ifach developed into a tourist attraction.

El peñon de ifach tunnel

Ready for the climb

It is definitely worth exploring the rock. We would advise you to get some information at the start of the visitor center (Penyal d’Ifac Aula de Naturalez). It is also a good idea to bring some water because there are no food and drink outlets on the way.

Once you are ready to start, you only need to determine your route, depending on your level and/or condition. But each route offers a beautiful experience and fantastic views.