Número de Identificatión Fiscal (NIE)

What is the NIE number?

The NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero), is an identification number for foreigners. This is not a social security number, but an identification number for tax purposes.

The NIE number is on all documents that are issued, all applications addressed to the Public Administration, etc.
Moreover, it is also a common way of identification with banking institutions, insurance agents, etc.

It is a unique, exclusive, and personal number. It is assigned by the police headquarters to foreigners.

What is an NIE number

Who needs an NIE number?

You must request an NIE number in the following situations:

  • Who qualify for residence in Spanish territory.
  • Against whom legal proceedings have been instituted.
  • Have relations with Spain for financial, professional, or social reasons.

What do you need an NIE number for?

Why NIE number

As you can be concluded from the information above, the NIE number is very important. It is therefore important to request this as soon as possible.

You need an NIE number for the following actions:

A. Real estate

  • The buying and selling of the real estate
  • When taking out a mortgage loan
  • Registration with Kadaster and Notaris

This point is probably the main reason why you will need an NIE number.
This number never changes even though the person buys and sells various properties. If the property owner sells everything and moves out of Spain, this number will remain the same. This is regardless of how many years he stays away from Spain.

B. Public administrative bodies

  • At the local level (Municipality): example: entry in the population register
  • Healthcare: request / obtain a health insurance card
  • Justice

C. Social security

  • Obtaining a registration number from the Social Service
  • Submitting a request for mediation to the employment office
  • Receiving dividends

D. Economical activities

  • Opening a Spanish bank account
  • Founding a company/corporation
  • Paying income tax for non-residents
  • Corporation tax

E. Other activities

  • Purchase of a vehicle
  • Driving license application
  • Education

NIE number Spain

How should you apply for an NIE number?

You can apply for this number in multiple ways.
This can:

  • In the country of origin: via the consulate
  • In Spain: through the police headquarters

Different forms must be completed for the application. You will also have to provide a passport photo.

If you wish to apply for an NIE number in your home country, we recommend that you contact the consulate.

If you wish to enter an NIE number in Spain, you can do this through a gestor, if you speak enough Spanish yourself, through a lawyer or when you buy a house from us.

In the last case, the Spanish system requires the applicant to obtain this number in person. To do this, he must be present at the Police Office. This is sometimes a bit uncomfortable for the new real estate owner, but we do everything we can to help and guide you as best as possible.

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