Guadalest: get inspired

In the mountains of the Costa Blanca North, about 25 kilometers from Benidorm, you will find the picturesque village of Guadalest. What makes this village so unique is the way in which it merges into the landscape in perfect harmony.

Many people think, when they see pictures of this village, that it is a very quiet, sleepy village. But don’t be fooled! This tourist attraction receives a few million visitors a year! Yes, a few million …

Guadalest has +/- 200 inhabitants but offers a wide range of attractions.

Guadalest | Places of interest

In Guadalest they have a diverse range of cultural attractions. The village is almost a millennium old. The most famous monument is “El Castell de Guadalest”.

guadelest valley

This castle was originally built in the 12th century by the Moors and was a strong, very strategic base. This point of defense could only be reached via an entrance hewn out of the rocks (Portal de San José). The castle towers also looked out over the rocks, so the enemy was visible from far away.

A few centuries later, however, the Moors lost ground, which meant that El Castell de Guadalest fell into the hands of the Spaniards.


The ownership of the castle of Guadelest changed a couple of times from one noble family to another and was also hit by two heavy earthquakes. Today, however, you can’t see any evidence of this.

The “Castillo de San José” also symbolizes Guadalest. This former castle was built during the 12th century and teeters on the edge of a cliff.

Because of the very high location, this castle offered a panoramic view of the region.

Museums in Guadalest

Nowadays, you can visit 2 museums here:

  • Museo del Jardin Mágico (modern art)
  • Museo de Ribera Girona (art from the 20th century)

The Peñon de la Alcalá, the tower of Alcalá, was also a strategic lookout. This tower is situated on a rock, of which you can only visit the lower part these days.

The reservoir of Guadalest (Presa de Guadalest), can be seen from several higher-placed positions.

Guadelest Lake

This reservoir, with a dam of almost 80m, provides the surrounding villages and towns with water. It was first used in 1963. Here you can also enjoy a boat trip.

In addition to the above sights, it is also recommended to visit the town hall, the Baroque church, La Casa Orduña, and many other museums.
If you are in need of some relaxation, we can recommend a walk through the small center.

Don’t forget to enjoy Spanish cuisine in one of the many restaurants.

Guadelest restaurants