Weather in Torrevieja

What’s one the very first things you need to check before you settle and invest your money? Well, first things first, you need to know all there’s to know about the local weather conditions of Torrevieja associated with your future property.

Here is weather information about Torrevieja, Costa Blanca, and Orihuela Costa, you’ll certainly find it to be useful.

Average Temperatures and Weather in Torrevieja

Thanks to its close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, the weather in Torrevieja is among the most important reasons for this region’s continued popularity among tourists, investors, and holidaymakers.

Weather Torrevieja Spain

The favorable temperatures, which don’t change much all year round, make this place to be one of the most popular investments and tourist destinations in Spain.

sun hours Torrevieja Spain

When you have weather conditions such as these, no wonder you can’t wait to acquire your property in Torrevieja. Not so long ago, the Costa Blanca municipality, which includes the city of Torrevieja, was nothing more than an adorable, but quite a small fishing town.

Nowadays, thanks to the administrative measures of the Spanish Monarchy and Las Salinas de Torrevieja (the Salt Lakes of Torrevieja) this region has been completely transformed into an attractive and healthy micro-climate paradise. You shouldn’t be surprised that this region has been recognized as one of the healthiest in entire Europe.

What Makes Torrevieja Weather Conditions Ideal?

The fabulous Mountains of Alicante are responsible for the genuine climate character of this place. The City of Torrevieja, including the Costa Blanca, use these mountains as a “shield” that protects them from the bad weather.

The mild temperatures in this region are also provided for the protection of these mountains. The Alicante mountains help to ensure the warmer and favorable climate in this area. That’s why you can simply forget about storms and other bad weather formations while you’re staying here.

Torrevieja Average Temperatures

You can’t have a favorable climate without the mild and constant temperatures. So, when it comes to Torrevieja’s temperatures, you can expect that the average values associated with them are pleasant and warm throughout the entire year. You can have peace of mind by knowing that the temperatures stay above 11°C (52 F).

Temperatures Torrevieja Spain

Naturally, the coldest months of the year in Torrevieja are December, January, and February. However, even during these months, you can expect average temperatures between 11-12°C (52-54F).

In both March and April, you can expect a significant increase in temperatures with values between 18°C and 20°C. Finally, during the summer, you’re very likely to experience temperatures between 30°C and 40°C.

Weather Torrevieja Spain

We’ve given you quite a few reasons to live and invest in Torrevieja. This true paradise lost will make you not regret your investment even for a moment.

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