5 steps to buy a house in Costa Blanca

Do you have a long-term wish to buy a house in Spain? Look no further, but follow these 5 easy steps in order to get your dream house:

1. Investigate the market | Buy a house in Spain

Start by determining your budget. Your bank or mortgage broker can help increase your ability to loan. When you have found an interesting house or apartment on our website, you can request an appointment through the website or by calling 0034 630 764 350.

Do you still have questions after a visit? Contact us via email, website, or by calling the helpdesk and we will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

2. Bid on the Spanish property

Have you found a suitable property? Then you can always make a bid on the specific property.

House at the costa blanca

3. The purchase | Buying a house in the Costa Blanca

After a price has been agreed, Z-Yachting prepares a private sales agreement (also called compromise). When signing the agreement 3000 euro deposit has to be paid and then you have 5 days after signing the sales agreement to pay the remainder of the 10% deposit.

Tips to buy a house in Spain

4. Financing your property

It is possible are that you need external financing. Make sure you are well informed about the different types, rates, and terms. It may be opportune to visit several banks. Expect 1 to 2 weeks to get an official answer on your loan application.

Real estate in Spain

5. Notary

Buyer (s) and the seller (s) go together to the notary (chosen by the buyer). The notary ensures that the sale is made enforceable against third parties. This means that you can prove to third parties that you are the owner of the property. (registration)

By signing the deeds, the balance of the purchase price, notary costs, and registration fees are being paid by the buyer.

Congratulations on your new purchase!

Buying a house in Spain