Tapas, the great Spanish custom

Tapas, the great Spanish custom Who doesn’t know it, this typically Spanish appetiser, the Tapa, a traditional, appetising bite that is often consumed together with an ...

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History of Spain


History Since the early Palaeolithic, Spain was inhabited by the Neanderthals, as discoveries of their remains evidence. The first civilisation was settled along the ...

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The Spanish language

The Spanish language The languages spoken in Spain cause great confusion abroad, as they have different dialects. There is a total of five official languages in Spain ...

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Architecture Spain


Architecture The Spanish architecture is characterized by sharp contrasts between light and dark sides, alternating between austerity and lavish decorations and thick walls ...

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Religion in Spain In the 70s, every Spaniard was bound to be Catholic by law. Consequently, a large number of them are still believers, but not practicing Catholic. A strong ...

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